AAA ISO Ageing Societies Leaders Forum: Playback


Ian Spero | Founder | Agile Ageing Alliance

Nathan Taylor | Technical programme manager | ISO 

Nele Zgavc | Lead Standards Development Manager | International secretary for ISO Ageing Societies

Nick Howe | AAA Founding Partner | Enterprise Manager | NatWest

Defining The New Normal

Around the world in 60 minutes

*“In the post COVID  world, the new normal needs to be more resilient, more sustainable, healthier and more caring. I strongly believe that the work you are doing in the AAA is essential for achieving communities that will make a positive impact to many people’s lives. We would love to be part of this global network and contribute towards a new ISO standard for smart mutigenerational neighbourhoods”

*Tore Borthen | CEO/Founder | CondoVita, Norway

David Stevens | Managing Director | Standards Wise International Australia

Jianbing Liu | Director | Service Engineering and Smart Health for Seniors Lab Beijing Academy for Science and Technology China

Alexandre Grutman | Co-Founder & CEO | Inno-Fuel, Switzerland

Alberto Sanna | Director | Life & Health Scientific Institute San Raffaele Milan Italy

Andrew Larpent | Chairman | Commonwealth Association for the Ageing

Jeremy Porteus | Founder and Managing Director | Housing LIN UK


Housing For Later Life Must Be Affordable

*“A large readymade market beckons, and with it comes the great prize that both older and younger generations can live in homes and neighbourhoods that make their lives better.”

*Lord Best | Chair | Affordable Housing Commission

John Godfrey | Director | Public Affairs Legal & General

Filippo Addarii | Founding Partner and CEO | PlusValue

Xaviere Roudeix-Crouan | Senior Research Analyst | Grosvenor Group


Just Because Something Is The Right Thing To Do Doesn't Guarantee Delivery

*Bringing together academia, industry, health and care providers, service users and their families to innovate together, can secure a better future for us all*

*George Crooks OBE | Chief Executive | Digital Health and Care Institute Scotland

Technology Has The Ability To Help Support And Secure Community Bonds

*“This concept of an ISO framework could be extremely beneficial to our national, regional and local government customers and the citizens they serve. We look forward to contributing to the development of this important collaborative endeavour in a spirit of open innovation.”

*Faith la Grange | Director | Regional & Local Government | Microsoft

Assistive Technology Think Tank

In association with Policy Connect

Policy connect, the cross-party think tank has been exploring the potential of smart technologies to transform social care and independent living among disabled and older people. Key findings of the APPG for AT to date include:

  • The digital fabric of housing will determine what role smart technologies play in social care and independent living;
  • housing developers are often reluctant to install extra cables due to costs; 
  • builders and architects must be brought into the discussion to ensure people’s homes are capable of supporting smart home systems.
    • Clive Gilbert | Policy Manager for Assistive Technology | Policy Connect
    • Victoria Leesam | Senior Specialist Investments | Homes England
    • Cynthia Bullock | Deputy Director | ISCF Ageing Society Challenge
    • Simon Bayliss | Managing Partner | HTA Design LLP
    • Meryl Davies | CEO | Reengage
    • Karen Holden | Founding Partner, Director | A City Law Firm
    • Matt McCann | CEO and Founder | Access Earth
    • Paul Quinn | Director of Regeneration, Clarion Housing
    • Faith la Grange | Director | Regional & Local Government Microsoft
    • George Crooks OBE | Chief Executive | Digital Health and Care Institute


Policy Matters

How do we radically accelerate the path of change?

*“Multigenerational communities can help to catalyse a cultural shift in the narrative around ageing. Our research suggests that funding, age-bias and regulations are the key barriers.”

*Stephanie K. Firestone | Senior Strategic Policy Advisor | Health & Age-friendly Communities AARP International

Richard Blyth | Head of Policy | RTPI Royal Town Planning Institute

Sam Mauger | Chief Executive | U3A University of the Third Age

Nic Palmarini | Director | National Innovation Centre for Ageing UK

Mairéad Anne Carroll | Associate Director | Residential Standards RICS Royal Institution Chartered Surveyors

John Godfrey | Director | Public Affairs Legal & General

Faith la Grange | Director | Regional & Local Government Microsoft


People Want Real Communities Not Facilities

*“For decades the only story we’ve heard about ageing is one of loss, decline and despair. But there is a new story. It is a story of connection, expression, joy and growth.”

*William Thomas | Founder | Minka Homes and Communities USA

Design For Life

Design-led innovation can lighten the load of ageing

*“Designers have a responsibility to reimagine settings, products, systems and services that will enhance the experience of later life.”

*Jeremy Myerson | Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design Royal College of Art

Tama Duffy Day | Principal | Gensler

Paul Priestman | Chairman | PriestmanGoode

Paul McGarry | Assistant Director | Greater Manchester Ageing Hub

Esther Greenhouse | Strategic Director | TC Age-Friendly Centre for Excellence; Industry Scholar | Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

Paul Smith | Director Foundations


One Size Does Not Fit All

*“This project constitutes an opportunity for stakeholders to break the tyranny of uniformity and design and build homes and multigenerational neighbourhoods where adaptation and addressing changing needs are core principles.”

*Paul Quinn | Director of Regeneration | Clarion Housing

University Challenge

How do you translate research led innovation into real world impact?

*“As researchers we need to understand the life world of older people to ensure our smart neighbourhoods are truly responsive and supportive during the known trials and unexpected tribulations of later life”

*David Prendergast | Professor of Science, Technology & Society | Maynooth University

Judith Phillips | Deputy Principal (Research) and Research Director | UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge University of Stirling

Sarah Haywood | Managing Director Advanced Oxford and Executive Director | MedCity

Martin Hyde | Associate Professor of Gerontology | Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University

Andrew Edkins | Director | Bartlett Real Estate Institute


Summary & Way Forward

Ian Spero | Founder | Agile Ageing Alliance

Nele Zgavc | Lead Standards Development Manager | International secretary for ISO Ageing Societies

Nick Howe | AAA Founding Partner | Enterprise Manager | NatWest

To engage with the ISO Standards development