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The Agile Ageing™Alliance (AAA) is a campaigning social business which aims to demonstrate that through innovations in technology, business and service models, our age friendly homes and neighbourhoods of the future can enable multigenerational communities to enjoy healthier, happier and more agile lives, leading to a reduction of the financial burden on State and citizens.

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Made possible by

AAA embarking on a €21 Million project to cultivate age-friendly housing & multigenerational communities

€21M to Research Age-Friendly Environments

Building on the latest WHO Housing & Health guideline, the new “SHAPES” project will focus on qualifying what constitutes an optimum age-friendly home, and promoting the development of multigenerational communities and neighbourhoods.

According to co-lead & Mac MacLachlan: “The emphasis of our research is on providing quality community and living experiences which will lead to maintaining people in their homes. As of now, we have many different technologies available to older individuals and people with disabilities. Someone might have a hearing aid, a wheelchair, home sensors and perhaps a ‘smart’ pillbox – but they don’t necessarily all work together. In collaboration with our European colleagues, we aim to bring assistive technologies and connected health together”.

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AAA™ In the News - March 2020: Older adults should be seen and heard

March 1, 2020
What does age-friendly mean to you? This month’s news from the world of ageing suggest it is the way in which older adults can remain an integral part of their community. Enjoying lives in which they retain independence, share knowledge, and may even continue learning themselves.Our starting point...
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