AAA and ISO have joined forces in a united effort to develop ISO 25553 Smart Multigenerational Neighbourhoods. In scoping out this standard we aim to normalise the creation of smart multigenerational neighbourhoods, where putting people and the planet’s needs as a priority leads to a better quality of life, together with new business models, technologies, service offerings, attitudes and behaviours.

This ISO Ageing Societies standard framework aims to: ‘Accelerate construction of a new breed of age-friendly housing in ‘smart’ socially supportive multigenerational neighbourhoods, employing innovative technologies, business and service models, to improve health and wellbeing, protect the environment, and reduce the financial burden on Citizens and State.’

Working in partnership with UN-Habitat, AAA and ISO aim to evolve the proposition through consultation across seven broad categories: industry and commerce; government; labour; academic and research bodies; non-governmental organisations, together with end-users, older adults in particular.

How can Standardisation Accelerate Innovation that Supports Disability and Promotes Healthy Ageing?

Co-creating ISO 25553
Smart Multigenerational Neighbourhoods


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