Connecting innovators to enrich an ageing society

The Agile Ageing™ Alliance

Our population is expanding, with advancing age and long-term conditions being defining features of a volatile healthcare landscape.

An emerging market brimming with potential, digitally enabled health & assistive care is capable of boosting quality of life for an ageing population, without the off-target side-effects traditionally associated with pharmaceutical interventions. This has led to myriad initiatives which aim to enable people to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Most of these projects however have been developed in isolation and could benefit from a more open and collaborative approach to maximise societal and business impact.

The convergence of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), game changing assistive technologies and big data analytics constitutes a golden opportunity to rethink the outlook for ageing populations and provide a much needed boost to the Silver Economy. This is the driving force behind the Agile Ageing Alliance.