David Boundy

Healthy Cities and Ageing Societies

Simon Butler has 20 years experience in environmental and human impact assessment. Through his work, Simon inspires the design community to develop concepts, products and services that can facilitate lifelong independent living. He believes that we need to explore ways to challenge the current institutional model of care in the context of an ageing urban society. A key part of Simons work is to explore the economic and social challenges of the increasing ageing population, and the radical demographic challenges we face particularly in cities and urban environments. Simon collaborates with developers and stakeholders in looking at age friendly services and the role we will play as designers to integrate long term sustainability of health and social care products and services.

Through his career, Simon has provided meaningful contributions to various healthy ageing programmes, including (i) the Sliver Economy conference in Warsaw, Poland (ii) EU Programme – Neighbourhoods for the future, Agile Ageing (iii) Innovate UK – Active and Healthy Living.

Simon has also contributed to various Arup journals and thought pieces:

  1. Shaping Ageing Cities Report (http://publications.arup.com/publications/s/shaping_ageing_cities)
  2. Ambient Assessment Living http://publications.arup.com/publications/a/ambient_assisted_living
  3. Ageing in the City innovation workshop - http://www.arup.com/news/events_and_exhibitions/ageing_in_the_city_innovation_workshop