Saied Tazari

Graduated in Informatics from Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt in Germany, Saied Tazari was 1993-99 a technical consultant, and later manager, in a large-scale project for Tehran municipality automation. In 2000, he joined the department "Mobile Information Visualization" at the Computer Graphics Center in Darmstadt. Since January 2007, he is working at Fraunhofer IGD as associate head in the department "Smart Living & Biometric Technologies". Benefiting from several years of research on context awareness, service brokerage, semantic interoperability and user interaction in Digital Intelligent Spaces, he eventually acted as the principle designer of the software platform, now being a leading promoter of He has recently finished successfully the coordination of, the large-scale piloting for universAAL, and is now the Quality & Risk Manager for, the new large-scale IoT piloting project in the field of "Smart Living Environments".