Rudy Mattheus

Rudy Mattheus has a MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Brussels with his thesis (UIAKUL- VUB) "Computer applications in stereotactic neuro-surgery" and has twenty years experience in the Healthcare, ICT and/or life sciences industry, government and non profit organizations. He also got a special degree in multidisciplinary forensics research from the University in Leuven. Rudy held executive positions in General Management, Crisis Management, Project Management, Business Development, Adviser and R&D within, Hospitals, Companies, European Commission, Non Profit organizations, Elderly Homes and European consortium of telecom operators, where he served as the project leader for the successful value added services for high performance network infrastructure, before the liberalization of the telecom market. Rudy received the Medical Informatics award "Doctor Jan van Egmond" with his thesis: "Picture Archiving & Communication Systems: Conception of a Prototype System" under the auspice of the Belgium Medical Informatics Society, granted for an original contribution towards medical informatics. He is one of the originators of the PACS architectures. He was also invited panelist at the Multi-Media roundtable, countdown to 2001, together with panelist like, Jeff Apple, Gordon Bell, Alan Kay and John Sculley, the fathers of the computer industry.

During his six years as Chair of the European Standardization institute, medical informatics, medial imaging and multimedia, he played a pivotal role in developing the world standards for the international medical community know as the DICOM standard. Rudy has a focus on the healthcare, ICT, Media and cultural sectors. He was also member of the European standardization foreign office. He introduced the Memorandum of Understanding "Access towards European Cultural Heritage in the Information Society", a joint partnership between, governments, non-governmental organizations, Cultural Institutes and Industry for the European Commission.

Apart from his assignments in general management, Rudy has worked on a wide range of projects, internal education, feasibility studies, product definitions, business & technology strategy and guideline developments related towards the information society for: Barco (B), 3M (I), Belgacom (B), Imlogix(USA),SUN (USA), Bristol-Myers (USA), City Copenhagen , IDX, Gov. Sweden, USA Gov., FDA, ISS Facility management, The Paul Getty Trust (USA), Johnson & Johnson, PVI Inc, Agfa-Gevaert (B, Dk ), D@D TV productions, European Commission, Univ. Hospital Copenhagen, ISS, and the Free University Hospital Brussels.

Rudy Mattheus is the chairman of Niko Group, a leading European company active in home automation, personal comfort services, sensor technology an energy managed solutions. He is chairman of one of the largest new nursing homes in Flanders as well the initiator of a cluster of elderly homes in a region. He is also chairman of the first licensed Care Hotel in Flanders and a PPS-Medical Imaging Center. He is adviser of several organizations. He is board member of the Univ. of Hospital Antwerp (UZA) and chairs the Voka Health Community (National). He is board member of Microsoft Innovation Center Flanders, a venture with the Flemish government. He also chairs the advisory group of the same government for initiatives related towards Innovation&Care and vice chairman of a regional hospital J. Portaels Vilvoorde. He was general manager of ISS Belux for 5 years till 2012.

In 2002 he became the CEO of a group with 1000 employees as crisis manager (Hospitals – nursing homes, profit-units) for five years, focusing on restructuring, repositioning, recapitalizing and creating the new vision for the group, the hospitality concept. He was from 2000 responsible for a US based service provider, with activities in healthcare and government e-services in Europe. Before that he founded an ICT e-multi-media contact center service provider and spends four years as CEO, creating the foundations of the company. In 1994 Rudy joint the European Commission" telecommunication, Information Market and Exploitation of Research" as expert-adviser for a two years with a focus on technology, healthcareeconomics, USA and Canada. From 1990 to 1994 he was project leader of several projects jointly funded by industries and the European Commission. Between 1985 and 1989 Rudy worked at university hospital as scientific researcher in medical imaging.