Marc Yvon

Marc Yvon is Director of the IBM European Human Centric Innovation (HCI) centre. His primary mission is to create value for everybody by addressing any human need where technology can help. HCI job is to listen to customers of all industries and build human centric solutions at the intersection of current and emerging technologies. Most recent innovations have been made for mobile phone application development, sensor-based and cognitive computing solutions.

He is deeply involved in the Internet of things frame since today almost anything — any physical object, process or system — can be instrumented, interconnected, and infused with intelligence. He was the technical lead of the Bolzano ageing population smart care reference and ever since has been working to better assist senior citizens.

He previously held positions in the software industry from research, software development, and senior management for multinational corporations such as Oracle and Informix.

Marc Yvon received a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Paris and was visiting scholar at Stanford University Knowledge Systems Laboratory.

He is IBM Master Inventor, IBM Executive IT Specialist, member of the IBM Academy of Technology and the Technical Expert Council France. He recently joined the scientific and strategic committee of the Carnot Cognition Institute (a French national organization) gathering of over 14 research laboratories and 500 researchers.