Dariusz Sadowski

Dariusz is a London based design architect and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in international contexts, predominantly in the UK, Australia and Far East Asia.

Founder of Moive Ltd since March 2012, a company that provides architectural design services whilst pushing the boundaries of the ordinary through more theoretical and exploratory opportunities.

Our research and theoretical design work is concerned with 'adaptability of spaces' across timescales and generations and its potential to transpose across various global locations. The work and interests are rooted however in sound and practical experience gained on a wide range of projects with particular expertise developed in residential, hotel, and retail sectors. Social and ecological responsibility underpin all our work.

Dariusz was also active as an academic at Hong Kong University in the fields of Art, Design and Project Management as well as an exhibiting artist in Sydney Australia.

In his spare time Dariusz sails a lot, teaches others how to sail and also plays the guitar when not on the water.