Axel Albrecht

Axel Albrecht is the founder (investor and developer) of WoQuaZ, the innovative living & quarter centre near Frankfurt in Germany (, constructed with the vision of "smart living environment for ageing well". As an activity and meeting centre for the neighbourhood, WoQuaZ realizes a core part of AAA's vision for not only "cognitive homes of the future" but also "Neighbourhoods of the Future". With its 22 flats, all rented and next renters in waiting list, WoQuaZ is one of the first buildings of this type in the housing industry worldwide that is in real use.

Another outstanding construction in his project development career is the Central European Park of Innovative Technology (CEPIT) in Bratislava, Slovakia, which has grown to an important district in Bratislava, in which 30,000 people are living in 633,000 square meters ( Furthermore, he is the founder of the German School in Bratislava as well as the publisher of the "Pressburger Zeitung", one of the oldest German newspapers. He is living in Vienna.