How can Standardisation Accelerate Innovation that Supports Disability and Promotes Healthy Ageing? Let’s work together to change the world.

Leave No One Behind: Levelling the playing field, socially and economically, for disabled and older people, their families and carers. Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, Dr Catherine Holloway, Todd Brickhouse, Dan Eades.

New Horizons China/Dr Jianbing Liu, Director Service Engineering and Smart Health, The Beijing Academy for Science and Technology: Developing a national programme for age-friendly communities.

New Horizons Italy/ Alberto Sanna, Director, Life & Health Scientific Institute San Raffaele Milan: A data driven neighbourhood embodying the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals.

New Horizons Australia/Anne Livingstone, Director of Research and Projects, Global Community Resourcing: Enabling marginalised groups to be more supported in isolated areas SE Queensland.

New Horizons Norway/Tore Borthen, MBA, Founder Condo Vita Norway: Developing a pioneering regenerative, nature based, net zero community.

Javier Torner, Programme Manager, UN-Habitat Global Solutions Division: Working with partners to think through specific needs, and aligning them with global priorities, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Erin Walsh, Director of Built Environment at Connected Places Catapult. How can we pool our collective research, our insights and our best practice, engage more partners and amplify the message?

Mac MacLachlan, National Clinical Lead for Disability Services HSE: “A standard is not the same as uniformity – there are different ways of achieving equally acceptable outcomes for different people, resources and contexts.”

Nick Howe, Enterprise Team Manager, Diversity in Business, NatWest Group: Identifying innovation and ideas that can help to serve our customers and communities better.

Integrated Health & Care Systems. It’s going to require change in thinking and ultimately, the way the public sector budgets around those things.

To engage with the development of ISO 25553 Smart Multigenerational Neighbourhoods