AAA ISO Leaders Forum 03/11/23 at NatWest HQ, 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA.

AI holds great promise for transforming almost every aspect of healthcare, from monitoring and diagnosis to clinical trials, delivery, robotics and healthy ageing. However, there are still too many obstacles barring the flow of data and technical interoperability. What’s needed is a more collaborative user centric approach to disrupt traditional pathways and transform future homes and neighbourhoods into caring environments that look after their occupants through the life course.

Drawing on original research, fresh perspectives and best practice from around the world, this Forum brings together expert practitioners and thought leaders willing to pool resources and share know-how, in a united effort to define and standardize the essence of best practice. 

Collaborative R&D

With Horizon Europe offering UK companies and research institutions unrivalled opportunities to participate in global collaborative projects, the Innovate UK KTN Global Alliance team will be on hand to guide you through the forthcoming Horizon Europe Health Work Programme and other pertinent funding calls.

Meet potential partners

Socialise with members of SHAPES, (Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems), a €21m “Path finder” programme, exploring interactions between older adults, technology and the built environment: Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Assistive Living & Learning Institute, Maynooth University (Ireland), the AIAS WeCareMore Centre for Research and Innovation and Research Bologna (Italy), The World Federation for the DeafBlind (Norway), University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) and Gnomon Informatics SA Greece.

Scale your business

The Forum will feature a ‘Marketplace’, bringing together investors in Health Tech with specialised service providers. This collaborative approach aims to boost access to the financial, commercial and practical support SMEs need to scale innovative & affordable solutions for healthier, wealthier & more fulfilling agile ageing.

Game Changers

There will also be a ‘Supportive Pitching’ investment panel, chaired by NatWest, showcasing potentially game changing AI enabled solutions for healthy ageing. And a collective intelligence building workshop, designed to develop shared perceptions and generate valuable knowledge about possible futures, facilitated by the world renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis

The Forum will conclude with a canapé and wine networking reception.

Strictly limited complimentary admission by invitation only. Watch highlights from the AAA ISO Leaders Forum 2022.