Like most complex problems the demographic shift cannot be addressed through the lens of a single sector or discipline. It is a major concern for private, public and third sectors alike and although there is no silver bullet, there is an opportunity to mitigate this risk by working together collaboratively, in a spirit of open innovation.

AAA has been exploring the challenge with stakeholders, from world capitals to city halls and rural communities across Europe, taking account of commercial opportunity and social impact. 

Our observations  have been captured in a white paper ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future, Better Homes for older adults – improving Health, Care, Design and Technology, which you can download here. Scroll down to learn more about our events.

5th annual AAA Congress May 14th and 15th

Details to be announced in due course. If you are interested in attending register here. Thanks to the generosity of our partners we do not charge for admission, but we would like you to tell us what added value you could bring. For details of previous events scroll down the page.

Previous Events

You Say You Want a Revolution

AAA Congress May 9th and 10th 2018. 

AAA and Tata Steel joined forces to submit a £60 m 'Expression of Interest' to the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Wave 3 to reimagine our homes and neighbourhoods of the future. 

We believe that a passionate group of like-minded individuals in the same room, talking the same language, sharing the same ideals, and committing to the same overarching goal, can transcend the barriers which generally impede progress.

Cross-border Cooperation

January 25th AAA staged a creative innovation workshop in Brussels, with Innovate UK and Enterprise Europe Network, to explore disruptive solutions to enable people to carry on working well into later life. The event attracted a briiliant group of private and public sector stakeholders from across Europe.

Join the A Team

December 5th AAA and Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network hosted an experimental workshop to explore concepts that address a new Horizon 2020 Challenge: “Adaptive smart working and living environments supporting active and healthy ageing”. 40 UK stakeholders worked together to define strategic direction and win funding to attend a European event in Brussels January 2018.

Open Innovation Challenge

October 2017, AAA joined forces with the Nesta Challenge Prize Centre and invited 40 expert stakeholders to consider the challenge of reimagining our neighbourhoods of the future. To see an overview of this event click here

Agile Ageing Alliance Summit NatWest HQ London May 2017

Meet the Speakers, See the Programme, Download infographic. Click the link below

Agile Ageing Alliance Summit NatWest HQ London May 2016

Agile Ageing Alliance Summit A Long Term Care Revolution NatWest HQ London May 2015