Global ageing is going to change the social structure and expectations as people work longer, face greater risks of disease and require more care. How we identify and address the needs of ageing populations is a key concern for citizens, governments and the private, public and third sectors alike. Although there is no silver bullet, there is an opportunity to mitigate this risk through focusing on people's needs and leveraging the huge potential of digital technologies, co-creation and open innovation.

Join expert stakeholders, inspirational thought leaders and representatives of the Cabinet Office; Departments of: Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Health; Communities and Local Government; Science; Innovate UK and have your say.
Following the announcement of a General Election on June 8, the event will now take place during the sensitive pre-election period, when there are restrictions on government and civil service activity. The representatives from Government departments who were due to speak at the event will no longer be speaking and will be unable to comment on government policy, but will attend the event as members of the audience to listen to the views being shared.