A Genuine Game Changer for a Healthier and Happier Society

Faith la Grange, is responsible for regional and local government business at Microsoft UK. I was pleased to discover that Faith has strong views on healthy and agile ageing, which she talks about in broad, holistic terms, covering everything from healthy eating, exercise, promoting good mental health and combatting loneliness.

Speaking at the AAA ISO Leaders Forum, Faith claims that technology has a crucial role to play in enabling us to manage our own health for as long as possible. And, when this is no longer possible, Faith says that tech will provide quick and proactive interventions or treatment. She gave specific examples of wearable tech, but stressed that the most important thing any technological solutions need to be is integrated, interoperable and accessible to all. Faith will not be satisfied until service is delivered ubiquitously across the country, regardless of what end device you use. Once again this came down to the crucial issue of trust. (as referenced in yesterday’s report) Companies, local authorities and consumers all need to trust each other to be able to connect and share data. According to Faith, this is where an ISO standard could make a real contribution.

We need bricks and mortar with connectivity built in

A dedicated standard would allow for interoperability between devices and platforms. This could cover issues such as networking, security connectivity and it would encourage manufacturers to scale up their operations. In the context of multigenerational neighbourhoods, Faith believes the ISO standard could have a huge impact on housing and technology. As she eloquently put it, ‘we need bricks and mortar with connectivity built in’. This means building for multiple types of users, from single professionals working from home, to families with young children, to anybody who requires additional care and support, be they old and frail, or younger with any kind of disability. Hence, we need a highly flexible standard which is truly multigenerational.

That, says Faith, could be a genuine game changer for a healthier and happier society.

Watch video of Faith's presentation at www.agileageing.org. Follow this link to find out what others spoke about. Watch this space, as we continue publishing editorial summaries and videos from the AAA ISO event this week.

Image by Wavebreak Media.